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Brickline Flats

20 North Ellsworth Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401

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Consciously Crafted

Sweet home San Mateo

Lace up those tennies, because this place is walkable with a capital W. The Caltrain station is just 280 steps (we counted) away, and B Street is literally at your doorstep. Downtown San Mateo has a nearly limitless selection of happy hour spots, wine bars, cozy restaurants, and boutique fitness studios. It’s all so close, and there’s so much to explore.

What's Good In The Neighborhood

Just how much enjoyment can you squeeze out of one apartment community? A whole heck of a lot, especially with amenities like these. Take a look at what's good in the neighborhood.

Outdoor Living At Its Finest

Spending time outside is good for the soul. Pull up a chair in our calming, nicely landscaped courtyard and see for yourself.

On Top Of The World

Take the elevator to the top floor for amazing vistas and all the fresh air your lungs can handle. The rooftop deck is your spot go-to for chilling a la fresca.

Furry Friends Can Skip The Scale

Whether your furry friend likes to cozy up in their own bed, or feels more at home on a California King, pets of all sizes are welcome at our neighborhood.

City of Dreams

We are proud to sponsor City of Dreams through our Promethean Outreach and Community Help (Porch) program. City of Dreams’ mission is to help the youth living in San Francisco’s underserved communities build brighter futures through mentorship and youth development.

Pricing & Floor Plans

Pricing and availability subject to change, plus additional costs for utilities and third-party maintenance services.


Nearby Places

San Mateo Central Park

San Mateo Central Park is an Insta-worthy urban park in the heart of downtown San Mateo. It offers wide open green spaces, walking paths, a Japanese tea garden, and a beautiful lagoon. The park hosts community events, including concerts and festivals, throughout the year.

San Mateo Farmers Market

The San Mateo Farmers Market takes place every Saturday in downtown San Mateo. If fresh produce, artisanal food products, flowers, and homegrown goods are you jam, come on by and help support local farmers.

Bay Meadows Park

Bay Meadows Park is a family-friendly 12-acre park with sports fields, tennis courts, a playground, and open spaces for picnics and LARPing (if you’re into that kind of thing).