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maintenance tips

Kitchen care

  • Tips and tricks:

    • Never put any metal in the microwave. (If the rack in your microwave is metal, that’s an exception.) Use plastic wrap or paper towels to cover foods instead of aluminum foil.
    • Don’t cook eggs in their shells, as they can explode.
    • When cooking potatoes with the skin on, remember to poke holes in the potatoes to let out steam.
    • Open lids carefully to let steam out without risking a burn.
    • When cleaning, boil water in the microwave to soften splatters on the inside cabinet.
  • Tips and tricks:

    When loading your dishwasher, be sure utensils don’t block the spinning upper or lower washer arms.

    You should only use approved high-efficiency dishwasher detergents, as regular liquid dish detergent causes big, sudsy problems. Suggested detergents include:

    • Cascade Gel Action Packs
    • Finish Gel Packs
    • Quantum/Powerball
    • All in One w/Powerball
    • Sunlight Gel with Oxy Action
    • Electrasol 2 in 1 Power Gel

Household Help

  • General info: When closed and in the normal position, they should lay edge over edge, all in the same direction. If they aren’t, you can easily reposition them in the right order.

    Tips and tricks: If blinds become difficult to open, check to see if the slats are tangled. The cords that operate the mini blinds can sometimes break or become tangled. If the blind does not hang level, it’s likely due to a cord being uneven compared to the others.

    • Pull the cords until the blinds are in a fully open position.
    • Lower back down to the desired height.
    • (Cords should never be knotted together at the ends.)

    When to contact us: If these suggestions don’t solve your problem, please submit a Service Request. We’ll be more than glad to take care of it for you.

  • If your unit won’t run and the thermostat display is blank, there is most likely a power issue. For baseboard heat or cadet wall heaters, turn the thermostat up until you hear a clicking sound. If the heater still fails to come on, please submit a Service Request and we’ll gladly take care of it for you.

    For any other heating or air conditioning related issues, please submit a Service Request.

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