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Money Matters

Paying move-in balance online

  • Log into Active Building (our online leasing portal).
  • Go to "Sign & Pay" on Step 4.
  • Select to pay "Total Balance Due" or "Other Amount."
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Click "Save & Continue."

Billing Questions

Neighbors will receive a monthly rent statement (OneBill) around the 25th of each month, which will list all charges for the upcoming month: rent, additional charges and applicable RealPage Utility Management (water, sewer, trash, gas, pest control, third party maintenance services). We can also arrange for you to receive an electronic statement via email and save some trees.

Please note: Utilities are billed in arrears and will not begin until you've lived in your home for two months. All rental rates are prorated according to lease terms. This means your move-in month, renewal month, and move-out month will show rent and other charges prorated in accordance with your rental agreement.

For questions regarding rent, contact the Leasing Office and we'll be happy to take a look. For utility billing questions, contact RealPage Utility Management by visiting their website or calling them directly at 1-800-590-7355.

Paying move-in balance by check

  • Bring a personal check or cashier's check to the Leasing Office on or before your move-in date.
  • Make your check payable to your Neighborhood's name.
  • Be sure to specify your new apartment number in the "Notes" area.

Leasing Online

Don’t worry — leasing online is as simple as training your cat to ignore you. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Find your apartment.
  • Select your desired lease term.
  • Enter your renter information (for all lease-holding adults).
  • Pay application fee(s) and self-screen for income and credit (criminal in OR & WA).
  • Upon screening approval, complete your application and submit verifying documents.
  • Pay your deposit.
  • Sign your Lease.
  • Pay your move-in balance.
  • Receive your keys, do a little dance and enjoy your new Home.

Paying rent online

  • Log into Active Building.
  • Click “Make a Payment” from the left-hand menu.
  • Choose between “Make a Payment” for a one-time payment, or “Set Up Recurring Payments” to schedule automatic recurring payments.
  • Select a previously entered payment account or set up a new one.
  • Input an amount to pay and the preferred date for your payment to process.
  • Click “Review & Confirm Payment.”
  • Make some toast. (Optional.)

Easy ways to pay! 1. Recurring Bank Account Payment - No fee, 2. One-time bank account payment - No Fee, 3. Credit Card Payment - variable Processing Fee, 4. Debit Card Payment - Flat Processing Fee, 5. Check Payment - No Fee

Odds and Ends

Referring friends

When you refer your friends to Prometheus, you can earn a cash bonus. Here’s how it works:

  • Tell your friends about how much you love living at our Neighborhood.
  • Be sure they know to add your information for “how you heard about us” when they tour.
  • Once your referred friends moves in, contact us at the front office and we’ll process your check.

Transferring apartments

Changing Homes is easy. Just let the Neighborhood Team know you’d like to transfer and we’ll get things started for you.

To qualify for a transfer, just follow these steps:

  • Place a deposit on your new Home.
  • Meet transfer eligibility.
  • Give us a 30-day notice to vacate on your current Home.

All Neighbors in good standing (that is, those who meet basic apartment conditions and payment history) are invited to transfer, even during mid-lease. A rescreen may be needed depending upon the Home type.