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Lease Lessons

Leasing assistance

You can either call us or visit our Leasing Office. We’re happy to help you wrap up the process.

Pausing your lease application

If you want to pause mid-application, that’s okay. The system remembers where you left off and will return you to the exact same spot when you log in and click Continue.

Application errors

Make a mistake on your application? No problem. Get in touch with the leasing office—we’re always here to help.

Unapproved applications

If your application wasn’t approved, don’t fret. We’ll gladly accept a qualified guarantor for your Home if you need a little help meeting our income criteria.

To apply with a guarantor, just include them during the online leasing process by following these steps:

  • Click “Add Co-signer” on the first application page. 
  • Fill in the guarantor contact information. 
  • Click “Save & Continue.” 
  • Your guarantor will be sent an email prompting them to complete the online application.

Please note: Your guarantor has to individually meet all qualification guidelines.

Money Matters

Acceptable proof of income

Paycheck stubs or statements reflecting one month of income are acceptable proof of income. Calculations are based off gross income (bonuses excluded). If you’re paid biweekly, we’ll need two pay stubs.

Another acceptable proof of income is a signed offer letter on company letterhead, verifying starting salary and employment starting within 60 days of scheduled move-in date.

For liquid assets, acceptable proof of income is bank statements for assets reflecting the three most recent, consecutive months.

Paying move-in balance online

  • Log into Active Building (our online leasing portal).
  • Go to “Sign & Pay” on Step 4.
  • Select to pay “Total Balance Due” or “Other Amount.”
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Click “Save & Continue.”

Qualifying income

Qualifying income for a household is (2.5/2) times the monthly rent, or liquid assets equal to (2.5/2) years of the monthly rent.

Income submitted must exactly match income verification documents you will provide during the leasing process. Bonuses are excluded.

Paying move-in balance by check

  • Bring a personal check or cashier’s check to the Leasing Office on or before your move-in date.
  • Make your check payable to your Neighborhood's name.
  • Be sure to specify your new apartment number in the “Notes” area.

Odds and Ends

What to bring on (or before) move-in day

All neighbors ages 18 and up will be required to sign the lease (online or in the leasing office). We’ll also need proof of renters insurance policy beginning on or before move-in day, which includes the following:

  • New address
  • Names of all lease holding occupants
  • Policy number
  • Term dates
  • $100k in personal liability
  • Water backup coverage
  • Pet liability if applicable

Finally, you’ll need an electric utility account number in your name and all pet documentation (if a pet is a part of your household).