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San Mateo Metropolitan

San Mateo Apartments

With consistently sunny weather, San Mateo is a welcome retreat of bayside views, soothing trails and device-free space to wander.

Why San Mateo?

Your own little Bay Area retreat

For those seeking a green getaway, San Mateo has plenty of options. Coyote Point has plenty of space to picnic, barbecue or play lawn games with friends. You might also consider Laurelwood Park, a silicon oasis of 200 acres at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Outdoor patio with BBQ and people dining

Explore the Neighborhood

A Day in San Mateo

The San Mateo Japanese Garden is another great spot to find mindfulness. Free of charge and typically low on traffic, the gardens tend toward an intimate sense of tranquility.

Every Sunday, the San Mateo Parks Department closes off Canada Road between Highway 92 and the Fioli Entrance, allowing cyclists, joggers, roller-skaters, and walkers to enjoy a non-motorized morning.

Those with a flair for old-world beauty will appreciate a trip to the Pulgas Water Temple—a monument to commemorate the Hetch Hetchy Project—with its serene reflecting pool and vistas of the Crystal Springs wilds.

Friends socializing