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Find your new apartment home in Emeryville.

Emeryville Apartments

Tucked neatly between Berkeley and Oakland, Emeryville is a little city with big heart. Just over one square mile, you can walk from corner to corner with plenty of adventure in between.

Why Emeryville?

The Little City On The Bay

Think of Emeryville as small-town living with big city convenience. Emeryville might have a small footprint, but the dining, shopping, and entertainment options loom large. Home to Pixar Animation, Emeryville even has a feature in The Incredibles - a clever little nod to the home of the animation giant’s headquarters.

Find your new apartment home in Emeryville.

Emeryville Properties

Pricing and availability subject to change, plus additional costs for utilities and third-party maintenance services.

Explore The Neighborhood

A Day In Emeryville

Pick up a coffee to go from Ruby’s Café, a throwback diner serving up hotcakes and milkshakes, and wander your way down to the marina for a leisurely walk along the water. From there, head over to Bay Street for lunch and shopping.

But if you are looking for something in the great outdoors, head to Point Emery and McLaughlin Eastshore State Park. Both feature a small collection of walking paths and viewpoints along the waterfront with unique, California-created art pieces.  

Find your new apartment home in Emeryville.