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Welcome Autumn: Cozy Up Your Indoor Space

The days are getting shorter, and we’re finally digging out our fall wardrobe from the closet. Whether you’re reading a good thriller novel or experimenting with apple cider recipes, here are some quick ways to warm up your living space for this nice and cozy season.

Cozy Up Your Indoor Space
Subtle Warm Tones
Adding warmer tones to a space doesn’t necessarily mean bright reds or oranges. It could mean a muted tan lampshade, a rustic chair, or a wooden coffee table. These subtle shifts of color bring a nice human touch to a space and provide cozy lighting without transforming your entire decor.

Thick Rugs
No need to change any furniture on this one: you can cozy up any room in your house with a thick fibrous rug. Whether you’re going for the kind where you can really sink your feet into, or the natural rope look, adding a rug under the furniture can create a wonderful cozy pocket to your home. Move the furniture around and on top of the rug for the most comfortable arrangement.

Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point
Whether you have an actual fireplace or a wall that you could add a low shelf to create the style and shape of one, nothing says fall like a fireplace focal point. For the best view of the fireplace, this could mean rearranging some of your furniture, adding decorations to the fireplace, or hanging a themed garland from your shelves.

Add Your Fall Intentions
This might involve thinking outside of the box a little. If you’re planning on working on a painting project or reading a bunch of books this fall and winter, set them out as part of the decor. Place your collection of books decoratively on your nightstand, and set up your easel in the corner. This will add interest to your space, and give you a visual reminder, even when the cool weather just makes us want to snuggle up under the covers and hibernate.

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