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We Fell for Flowers!

Guest Post: Emily, Owner of Matilda’s Bloombox

We had an amazing time getting together last week at 550 Moreland to learn the art of seasonal floral arranging. Matilda’s Bloombox experts guided us through the ins and outs of floral arranging and we created amazing arrangements to take home and several were donated to the JW House. Here’s a little bit of what we learned:

It’s really easy to bring this look into your own home with DIY Bloomboxes from Matilda’s Bloombox. All of Matilda’s Bloombox flowers are sourced from local farmers in and around the Bay Area.

This DIY creation is beautifully named Autumn Leaves, inspired by one of our favorite classic songs, Autumn Song by Van Morrison.

    Leaves of brown they fall to the ground
    And it's here, over there leaves around
    Shut the door, dim the lights and relax
    What is more, your desire or the facts
    Pitter patter the rain falling down
    Little glamor sun coming round
    Take a walk when autumn comes to town
    Autumn Song — Van Morrison

This fall fabulous arrangement includes:

These get their name from their shape. They open up a lot and are very full. Ripely in season in fall, they make the perfect focal flower for this arrangement.

Pincushion Protea
These blooms come in a variety of colors ranging from deep purple (almost black) to large white, with fabulous texture. These flowers attract butterflies and require very little maintenance. These are grown in California but are native to South Africa.

Local to California, albeit it’s named after the Swedish botanist Klas von Alstroemer, who was a pupil of the great botanical classifier Linnaeus.

You’ll probably be familiar with Ruscus, this Italian Ruscus has smaller leaves and is great for building the foundation of this arrangement.

Eximia foliage - Grown in Watsonville, California.
Eximia foliage is actually foliage from a Protea. Its coloration can vary from pinkish to red depending on time of year.

Craspedia (Billy Balls) - Grown in Half Moon Bay, California.
This Daisy-family plant produces long-lasting spherical flower heads, with a mustard yellow color tone. If kept out of direct sunlight, plenty of frequently changed water, and re-trimmed stems, Billy Balls can last up to two weeks.

Falling for Fall — create the look with Matilda’s Bloombox simple arrangement tips!

With Ruscus, you want to put each piece around the perimeter of the vase (cut any leaves that fall into the water line) and then add the piece of Eximia foliage to fill the biggest gap you see. Essentially where a gap exists in the perimeter just put the Eximia foliage in it.

The pincushion protea is our focal flower, cut the stem a little, (don’t worry about stripping the greenery) and then just put in the front of the arrangement.

Add the chrysanthemums, these come super long stemmed, so you’ll need to cut a fair amount from the stem on these. Cut them down and just put them in the middle of the greenery. It’s nice because you have a few of them to have them at slightly different heights.

Alstroemerias are perfect for this. Strip the leaves from the stems (again these come long stemmed), cut them down enough to tuck them in between the chrysanthemums (essentially, we’re filling in any holes). The alstroemerias will open up a lot too. So, they might not look like much when you get them, but I promise they open up a lot. Add the Billy Balls anywhere you see a gap to add a bit of texture. It’s nice to mix them up within the arrangement a bit to add some “pop”!

Voila – Bloom fabulousness!

Emily Boschetto and her husband Matt are the founders and owners of Matilda’s Bloombox. Matilda's Bloombox sources flowers from local farmers that you arrange with easy tips from them. Only $39 a Bloombox and free delivery, isn’t that bloomin’ marvelous!

You can contact Matilda’s Bloombox at 650 731 3012, or [email protected]

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall for Flowers Instagram Contest. Your images were incredible! A special congratulations to Erin, our contest winner (see her pictures below). We look forward to the next Neighborhood event.