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Topnotch Tailgating Tips

It’s getting to be that time of year where we take our parties to the parking lots. Whether you opt for classic fare like hotdogs, chips and beer, or like to go all out with craft cocktails and homemade baked goods, here are a few tips that will guarantee your tailgate goes off without a hitch.


Pack Your Tailgating Toolbox

When you’re tailgating there’s no running into the kitchen for extra tongs or that bottle of ketchup. So, make a list and check it twice. Experiment with ways to pack. We love using an actual toolbox for all of our grilling equipment. But we’ve also seen ingenious setups with drawers. If you’re using charcoal, don’t forget to bring a metal bucket to put the extinguished coals in when you’re finished.


Prep the Night Before

This is key for a relaxed tailgating experience. Marinate any meat (and veggies!) you plan to grill the night before. You can also pre-slice and pack toppings for burgers, dogs, chili and more. Create a DIY topping bar at the event and save yourself from custom orders! Walking Tacos! Half the fun of tailgating is wandering around and seeing what the other game-goers have come up with. That’s why we love this fun recipe that transforms a bag of corn chips (usually Fritos) into a delicious and portable meal. Simply crush the chips right in the bag, then top with meat, beans, cheese, and whatever other else strikes your fancy. Grab a fork and eat it on the go. Yum!


Fun Finishing Touches

You can easily take your tailgate to the next level with a just a few details. First, be sure to have helium balloons or a flag you can fly high so your friends can find you. A festive tent does double duty—you’re easier to spot and you and your food have some shelter from the elements. Decorate your cooler with your team colors. You can also use your artistic skills to transform clean, recycled cans into football-inspired utensil holders. Paint them yourself or find some free printable labels. Cute!


Easy Cleanup

Sure, one way to do a quick cleanup is to go the disposable route. But reusable plates and utensils make your party quite a bit classier. And you can still keep things simple. Just bring a big plastic tub to put any dirty dishes in. Seal it up and deal with them when you get home. We also love this clever hand washing station made with an empty laundry detergent container. This one’s sure to impress everyone in the lot.


We’re always on the lookout for fun new Tailgating hacks. Let us know what you see this season!