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Top Purchases in the Time of COVID

There’s nothing like a little retail therapy. While this summer feels a little bit different than others, you can always count on a new purchase in the mail to lift your spirits. We put together a list of top purchases during social distancing to bring a little comfort and convenience to your space.

Top Purchases in the Time of COVID
I Robot Vacuum: A tiny little robot that cleans your space without you having to lift a finger? That’s a winner. The I Robot Vacuum saves you time and effort with serious small space impact. Plus, it’s a great entertainment option for furry friends and small children. 

Greenery: Not only do indoor plants boost mood, productivity, and concentration – they also clean your air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen. Plants also bring a pop of color for an aesthetically pleasing touch.

I Robot Mop: If you thought the vacuum was impressive, wait until you see what the mop can do. Skip the bucket, and try the Braava Robot Mop instead. Ideal for multiple rooms, the streamlined, square shape gets into corners and hard-to-reach spots so you don’t have to.

Weighted Blanket: It’s like a hug on your couch. Cozy up with a weighted blanket and let your anxiety slip away. Bonus: They’re also proven to help you get to sleep, and keep you snoozing.

DynaTrap: Want to embrace the great outdoors without the bug bites? DynaTrap helps reduce pesky mosquitos and keeps your space bug-free.

What purchases are helping you through these strange times? Share with us on Instagram @prometheus_apartments.