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Top 5 Haunted Houses in Portland to Get Your Spook On

Portland's best haunted houses include creepy skeletons like this one

It's time to smash pumpkins, Frankenstein together some interesting "finger" food and try to scare the daylights out of each other with ghoulish costumes.

Halloween can be freakishly fun, especially at Portland's best haunted houses. As a town founded upon rebels, free spirits and explorers, Portland has had its fair share of colorful characters, both living and dead.

If you're looking to get a taste of that dark underbelly this fall, check out a few haunted houses in Portland that will leave you quivering in your pirate boots.

  1. For full-on scary that's not for the faint of heart, try Fright Town, a 40,000-square-foot "basement" beneath Portland's Memorial Coliseum that offers three huge haunted houses including specific exhibits around witches, demon worshippers and a Museum of Horrors. New for 2016: Grimthorne Manor, a gothic horror house filled with vampires, werewolves and angry spirits.
  2. The Fear PDX Haunted House Screampark promises five exhibits in one. It's sure to satisfy your morbid curiosity no matter what shape it takes. Zombies, insane asylum patients, demonic corn farmers, cursed souls and masked chainsaw killers all abound at this attraction.
  3. Just outside the city in Beaverton, the 13th Door Haunted House awaits you with a dungeon of death, ginormous spiders and custom scents that are pumped in for effect. If you want to combine sport with scare, they also offer two "Glowing Greens" blacklight miniature golf courses – one in Beaverton and the other in downtown Portland.
  4. On the east side of town in Gresham, definitely don't take Grandma to the House of Shadows filled with ghouls of the psychological variety including crazed maniacs, serial killers and scary dolls. This NC-17 haunted house will probably be the one to give you nightmares if you're into that sort of thing. Individual attractions include themes of voodoo, clowns, monsters and a dollhouse (with scissor-wielding dolls). But it's all just fiction, right?
  5. For an authentically haunted place in Portland, sign up for the historic Shanghai Tunnels Ghost Tour, where you can get your subterranean spook on. In the early years of the City of Roses, Portland saw some seedy activities (like slavery, illegal alcohol trading, murder and kidnapping), unfold through an elaborate network of underground tunnels. Some say the ghosts of the past still haunt the tunnels, and although they don't guarantee any sightings, this underground will get under your skin.