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Tips To Organize Your Space

When we watch the organization masters on TV (we’re looking at you, Marie Kondo!), everything looks so effortless. The fact of the matter is that organizing your home and turning chaos into a functional living space is no easy feat. It takes time and emotional energy to know what to keep, what to give away, and where to put everything for easy access.

Before you get overwhelmed by your stuff, here are some essential tips and tricks to get your home working for you:

1. Go Upward, Not Outward

When you’re organizing all of the nooks and crannies of your home it may seem like there is never enough space. Every corner is filled! Consider getting a tall and deep bookshelf so you can start organizing upward. Use things like cubbies for toys and odds and ends and use some of the space for some decorative items as well. All of the things that are filling your low level places will be free, so you can have more room to do more things you’d like to do. A new yoga stretch, perhaps?


2. Rotational Donation Box


Every time you do laundry, clean up after your children, or sort through your closet, have a donation box at the ready to toss unwanted items. Sometimes the additional effort of finding a box or bag can cause you to forget you were getting rid of something in the first place! Having access to a visible box will also keep your mind on the prize: Having your home clean and free of clutter.


3. Keep a Storage Bin Folder


This may seem excessive at first, but you’ll be singing the folder’s praises soon. Could you name everything that was in your storage containers in your garage or storage area? If you’re looking for your camping gear or sports equipment, consider writing down a list of where everything is, and then labeling the containers by number or color. That way, instead of taking down every single container before finding what you were looking for, you can consult the folder.


4. Let Things Finally Flow


At the time, it may feel like it was necessary to buy a new set of drinking glasses or have several extra spatulas on hand. According to Swedish Death Cleaning principles (the name is not as scary as it sounds!), the first place to look through are things you have multiple of. Margareta Magnusson, author of the book, "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Make Your Loved Ones’ Lives Easier and Your On Life More Pleasant," states, “Death cleaning is not about dusting or mopping up; it is about a permanent form of organization that makes your everyday life run more smoothly.”


Now is a great time to get organized. Happy sorting!