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The Season of Giving – Clever Ways to Give Back

Despite 2020 not being the year we expected, there are plenty of things to be thankful for. More time with our families, a deeper appreciation for the meaning of together, and streaming services - to start. This year, spread the gratitude with small acts of kindness in your Neighborhood and beyond. 

Ready to give? Here are some interesting ways you can give back this holiday season:

Connect Directly With Your Favorite Nonprofit
Now more than ever, nonprofits could use your help. Each of our Neighborhoods is partnered with a nonprofit organization. Check-in with your leasing office team on how you can lend a helping hand this holiday season. 

Want to lend your support elsewhere? What are the things you care about? Do some research and see how to make direct connections to an organization. Not only will they set you up with the best way to support them, but you’ll also remain connected through the coming year and see your efforts put into action.

Little Things Add Up to Something Big
If you can't give monetary donations, you can give back meaningfully by being more mindful of your daily habits. For instance, you can create a new eco-friendly habit by making sure you always take your cloth shopping bags or travel mugs with you instead of purchasing items where you have to throw something away. Reach out to an old friend you are thinking about, or write a letter to a family member or loved one far away to start a penpal-ship. The little things you do all month long can create a larger impact.

Support Your Local Small Business
Skip the big box store this Black Friday and support small local businesses instead. Not only is it something good for your community, but you'll also score something unique for that special someone in your life. Use listings like Yelp and Instagram to see the small business close to you. 

Treat Yourself
It's okay to be thankful for yourself, too. You've overcome a lot this year. You deserve a treat. Whether it's a little keepsake from a local business or a full-out catered spread from a locally-owned restaurant, you can do something good for yourself while supporting others. That's called a win-win. 

In the spirit of gratitude and thanks, we wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you from our family to yours. We love having you as a Neighbor, and hope you love calling your Neighborhood home. We look forward to the memories to come. Thank you. 

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