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The Fun Kind of Family Feud: Thanksgiving Day Games

Whether you’re a host or a guest, celebrating a Friendsgiving or a family Thanksgiving there might be one thing you’re forgetting. No, not the centerpieces, place settings, or whether or not you actually own a gravy boat… the games. There’s always some downtime while the turkey finishes cooking or someone makes that emergency whipped cream run to the only open store. And let’s be frank, sometimes finding common ground and casual conversation can be a bit tricky, even around a table of delicious food. Playing games is an easy way to bring everyone together for a good laugh. So, we put together a quick list with a few easy ideas so you can keep a few on hand just in case that turkey takes longer than you planned.

Before Dinner
If you’re cooking, this can be the most stressful time. Guests arrive and you’re slaving away in the kitchen. To make it easier on yourself prep a few games in advance and delegate someone to be the game leader. If you have a mix of ages this could be the perfect job for bored teens.

Board Games
Who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly, Scrabble or Clue? Have a few options on hand for the group to choose from.


If you have the space, set up a card table with a tough puzzle. You’ll be surprised how people gravitate toward it throughout the afternoon and evening. If you have family in town for a few days this can stretch into a great activity when you are hanging around.

Pin the Tail on the Turkey
This is primarily for little kids, but grownups who’ve had a glass or two of wine might also get a kick out of it. The best part is, when you’re finished you have a cute wall decoration!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Get everyone out of the kitchen for a while so you can cook in peace. You can make up your own list or use this free printable. Don’t forget to have a few little prizes ready for the winners.

Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo
If it’s your tradition to have the parade on the TV, add some extra fun with a game of bingo.

During Dinner
Even if you love a good debate, Thanksgiving dinner is probably not the best time. Keep the peace by keeping the talk away from politics and other inflammatory subjects with a few games you can play while you eat.

Thankful Alphabet Game
We love this one because it’s a simple way to go around the table and express gratitude. It doesn’t have to get too deep. The first person thinks of something starting with the letter A that they’re thankful for, the next person gets B and so on.

Would You Rather
There are lots of versions of this game. Just print out the questions ahead of time and place them in a jar on the table. This free printable has silly Thanksgiving-themed questions that are fun for all ages.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs
If you haven’t played Mad Libs in a while you may have forgotten how ridiculously fun they can be. If there’s a lull in the conversation or things get tense, whip out these Mad Lib sheets and turn things around.

Turkey Trivia
Slip one of these trivia cards under everyone’s plate for a fun addition to the dinner conversation.

After Dinner
Be a star guest and offer to do some dishes while the host kicks back for a bit.

Thanksgiving Pictionary or Charades
If you’ve got a lively group, go for a rousing game of Pictionary and charades. So fun. Plus, you don’t need a game table.

Family Feud
If your group is really into games they will absolutely love this Thanksgiving version of Family Feud. It involves a little prep work but the laughs will make it worth it!

Are there other games your family likes to play on Thanksgiving? We’d love to hear about them. Enjoy the day!