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Thanksgiving Traditions Worth Sharing

Every family has holiday traditions – special moments to share with family and friends year after year. Our Prometheus family is no different. We asked our Prometheans what they look forward to most during the Thanksgiving holiday.

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“Every year, my parents host Thanksgiving dinner at their house with around 40-50 guests. It’s been a tradition in our family for over 25 years. Every year, in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, my sister and I get together with my Mom to help get the house ready & food prepped for the holiday.

My sister works her magic with food and dessert prep because everyone knows I shouldn’t be, and I help with setup and decor. It’s my passion! I love celebrating the Season of Giving with warm, colorful displays as centerpieces on the tables. We set up 3-4 long tables to make sure everyone has a seat and each table gets decked out. Every year, I change it up a bit.” – Natasha Delgado, Director of Operations

“My family is small, just five of us usually so we don’t do anything huge, but my favorite tradition is that every year my mom and I take turns hosting. One year she’ll do Thanksgiving and I’ll do Christmas, then we switch next year. My mom enjoys having the break from having to do everything for both holidays and I think its fun to cook enough food to serve the entire town – and leave the dishes for my brother.” – Amy Gorman, Neighborhood Director, Kensington Place

“One of my long-standing traditions is the misfit Thanksgiving. My girlfriend and I often times invite over our fellow vegan friends who are not living near their families and wouldn’t normally be celebrating with their loved ones. We do a potluck style event, and everything is vegan so that there are no restrictions on anyone eating all of the amazing and tasty food (and there is a lot!). It is such an amazing opportunity to create a sense of family and belonging when so many feel excluded for one reason or another.” – Jesse Kabat, Senior Neighbor Ambassador, The Carson 

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition actually takes place the day before. When I first started dating my wife (then girlfriend), I hadn’t spent much time with her two sons. As we got more serious, we decided to have our first family dinner on Wednesday (since I usually flew out to LA to see my parents). She cooked up an amazing Thanksgiving meal and we all got to spend quality time together. As we sat around the table, I remember feeling happy & full, but most of all I remember feeling like a family.

I proposed to her a few months later and fast forward a few years later, our family has grown to five. I still look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday each year and it’s been our favorite family tradition. I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life, but most of all, I’m so thankful to be a dad to these 3 crazy boys.” – Jeyel Gonzales, Recruiter

“Growing up it was a huge deal to watch Football on Thanksgiving. My dad and grandfather would watch the games as they prepared the Thanksgiving meal.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten less into watching the games (more into basketball now), but the one tradition that sticks out for my family is making sure to spend time with both sides of our family, and just before we are about to eat, we all stand together and state one or as many things as we’d like to share that we are thankful for that particular year.” – Chris Calvetti, Sr. Neighbor Ambassador, SOS