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Thanksgiving Dinner from Our Table to Yours

Our friends at New Seasons Market are dedicated to making your Thanksgiving holiday as easy as … pie! Check out New Seasons Market Member Kari’s tips and tricks for a very happy holiday spent with your loved ones, instead of keeping an eye on that turkey.

Thanksgiving Dinner from Our Table to Yours
We know that the holidays can be a stressful time for those with too much on their proverbial plate. One of our main goals at New Seasons Market is to take the worry and stress away from you as you plan your holiday meals. We are here to make your life easier!

Order Ahead
Not one for cooking the full feast? No worries. It’s why we offer the New Seasons Market Thanksgiving prepared meal package. Days upon days of prepping and cooking are no longer required. Simplify your schedule for 1-2 hours of leisurely (aka with a glass of wine in hand) reheating the turkey and side dishes in the oven. Skip the basting and instead watch the Thanksgiving parade from the comfort of your couch (a holiday MUST DO) and actually enjoy the holiday. How refreshing!

Thanksgiving Dinner from Our Table to Yours
Our turkey dinner comes with all you would expect a holiday to have. A fully cooked, thoughtfully raised Diestel turkey, buttermilk mashed potatoes, savory bread stuffing, turkey gravy and cranberry sauce with clementine.

There are also quite a few additional side dishes available; cornbread sausage stuffing, kale salad with pomegranate and hazelnuts, roasted Brussels sprouts with fresh parsley & thyme, as well as many other holiday favorites. To see all your options you can Reserve your feast here:

Don't forget the pie! Who says dessert needs to wait until after dinner? Grab a slice while watching the parade. Pumpkin pie pairs perfect with a hot cup of coffee. We also carry pecan, chocolate hazelnut, or apple cranberry crunch pie to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Thanksgiving Dinner from Our Table to Yours
Having a happy body, as well as a happy heart, is what we cater to. We are well versed in helping those with specialty diets navigate the holidays so that they too can stuff their face with pie. Look no further than Petunia's Pumpkin Pie (gluten-free & vegan) for your fix!

For your pairing needs, we have over 90 varieties of vegan, organic, or low sulfite wines available. Kearney (our Wine Steward's pick) is the Pacific Redwood Organic Pinot Noir for an aromatic organic wine with no added sulfites. Cheers!

Thanksgiving Dinner from Our Table to Yours  
Cheese, Please
For many, the holiday is about constant snacking – a slow roll through the day's selections keep your blood sugar at an even keel. Sonja, our Cheese Monger, has an excellent array of bites that can be had by many. Even those that can't have lactose! Sonja suggests for those with high lactose sensitivities to try the Beemster brand. Their cheese making process is known for eliminating lactose, leaving just the cheesy goodness.

BYO - Bitters
For many of us, we may be headed to other people’s homes for the holiday. If you have special dietary needs, this can cause a bit of anxiety. If you have a mild sensitivity to items, you can try Enzymedica's Digest Spectrum. It provides "specialized digestive support for gluten, phenol, lactose, and casein intolerances.” Still be cautious with what you eat, but if you do eat something reactionary, this will help.

If you happen to overindulge this holiday, you can try some digestive bitters to help ease your way back into the land of the living. What are digestive bitters you may ask? Well, when you eat something bitter, your body responds to it by increasing the number of digestive juices that it produces. So you take some bitters, and your body kicks up your digestion into high gear, helping you feel better sooner. Going for a nice walk will help, too.

Turkey Time
And now for the main event, the turkey. This is what we're all really here for right? Now please, please don't think that all turkeys are the same! Yes, the $.49 per pound supermarket sale sounds good but will it taste good?

Our turkey's come from Diestel Farms, who take great pride in breeding and raising their birds the right way. Slowing growing, 100% vegetarian diets, environmentally thoughtful practices, and Global Animal Partnership certified. They've been building their family business around bringing you and yours around the dinner table since 1949.

We offer both precooked and raw turkeys for your dinner, be it Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, heirloom breeds, brined or kosher, and any combo in between!

For those of you who prefer a vegan option, we have you covered as well! Field Roast makes delicious grain-based options packed with flavor. We also have vegan gravy to make your meal complete, because let's face it, mashed potatoes need gravy like Portland needs its weird. It's not the same without it!

Take Time to Reflect
Let's take a moment to be thankful. A moment to relax, enjoy our friends and family and treasure the small things. After all, isn’t that why we come together for the holidays?

And now let's eat! Where's the pie?!?