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Summer Day Trips in Seattle

The Seattle area loves mixing nature and city life together. When the weather heats up (That one month each year!) it’s pivotal to make the most of it and immerse yourself in the fun that only the Pacific Northwest can provide. Try these summer bound activities to make this season memorable:


Rent A Paddle Boat

Kayaks are a good work out, but paddle boats are the lazy lake ride we’re all after in the heat of the sun. Green Lake has paddle boats available for several months out of the year, and so do several lakes in surrounding areas. Bring a makeshift picnic for an after-exercise treat in the shade!


See the Chihuly Garden at Night

The summer days are long in Washington. Right when the sun sets, however, is when the Chihuly Garden and Glass lights up for a magical night time wonderland. This iconic artist’s work is worth enjoying during the day or night. Chihuly Garden and Glass is open until 9:30pm on the weekends to see the best of both worlds!

Take the Water Taxi

Seattle is known for the giant whale-like ferries that cross the sound on a daily basis. Right next to the main ferry terminal is the Seattle Water Taxi that takes you from downtown Seattle to Alki Beach, which is part of West Seattle. On Alki you get a stunning view of the city and can learn about the history of Luna Park, an early 1900s amusement park that was like the west coast Coney Island!


Summer Concerts and Movies

People in the Pacific northwest cherish the warm days. Every single weekend you’ll find an outdoor movie (usually playing the classics) or a summer open air concert. Even if the concert is indoors, you’ll find venues opening their giant windows to let the summer breeze float in.


Check out the Sculpture Park

This month is perfect for wandering through the giant rusted waves of the Olympic Sculpture Park. There’s a nice mix of ultra-modern art and an old growth tree trunk exhibit to keep everyone entertained along with sweeping views of the city and sound.


There are plenty of other excursions that are perfect for late summer meandering. Get creative and go outdoor exploring before the rain returns. Happy end of summer!