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Stylish DIY Halloween Home Decor

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. With imaginative costumes and over-the-top house decorations, it's a feast for the eyes and candy for the belly. Since Halloween is a little different in 2020, your home life is where it’s at! Forget fake spider webs, here are some classy ways to spookify your home this October.

Stylish DIY Home Decor for Halloween
 Create A Simple Halloween Palette
With all the bright and bold colors Halloween has, figuring out your color palette and sticking with it can create a chic look. If you love pumpkin orange, you can complement it with white and a little black trim. Decorating your mantle? Enhance the bright orange of the pumpkins with plain white candles, flowers, or small crow figurines. Keeping within a small color palette turns up your Halloween at home several notches.
Silhouette Cut-Outs
No need to make skeletons or jack-o'-lanterns, just cut out sophisticated silhouettes of tree branches, profiles, or crows using black construction paper. Using paint-safe double-sided tape, attach this new temporary decor to your backdrop. If you have an extra frame large enough, add your cut out silhouettes inside for a temporary spooky framed image!
Vintage Halloween
If you're looking for something adorable, look no further than vintage Halloween seed packets and postcards from decades past. There's something unique about the design and color of these objects that only vintage art can create. You can delightfully arrange or collage these images by printing them out from stock images or finding a bundle of them online for cheap. They could look great placed on your mantle or decorated along your hallway.
Abstract Candy Corn
Candy corn has a bad rap. But with its bright color palette, it can also make for wonderful temporary abstract art that you can do with your kids! Get several sheets of paper and traditional candy corn colors of paint. Paint thick stripes across several sheets and wait for the paint to dry. Then cut out triangles of various shapes and sizes from them. They all will differ slightly from each other and you can arrange the triangles in a circular pattern, lined across your door, or as a fun backsplash.
Decorate your Plants
Your plants want in on the Halloween fun, too. Using a simple thick black ribbon, tie knots with long ends around several of the branches of your plants. If you don’t have plants, grab some small branches from outside, or find some fake ones at your local arts and crafts store. After tying your ribbons, add two white circles of paint for the eyes on the knot. If you feel ambitious, add two more tiny dots for the fangs underneath!
Relabel your Wine Bottles
If you’re planning on having a fun virtual time with your friends on Halloween, consider printing out some funny wine bottle labels. There are several funny labels online or make your own, DIY style. You can come up with endless Halloween puns for your entire wine collection. Whether it's Bottle of Boos or Blood of a Vampire, enjoy a glass of spooky fun.