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Step up for the POrCH Challenge

Everybody knows change starts at home. That’s why we have POrCH. Our POrCH (Prometheus Outreach and Community Help) program is a fun way to engage with our fellow Neighbors and make a positive impact on our local community.

This summer, we’re upping the charitable ante again with a friendly POrCH Challenge. We are supporting four nonprofits doing great things right where you live in Northern California, Seattle and Portland. Then, Prometheus will match your tax-deductible gift dollar for dollar, up to $20,000, if you donate now through July 31.

Last year’s POrCH Challenge raised $128,625 for our partner charities. That was awesome. This year we can do even better, right? Accept the Challenge. Here are the highly respected organizations ready to do even more good, right in your backyard.

Outdoors For All Foundation: Based in the Pacific Northwest, the Outdoors for All Foundation is a national leader in delivering adaptive and therapeutic recreation for children and adults with disabilities. Every year, more than 2,400 people exercise their abilities thanks to training and support from more than 700 volunteers. (Goal: $5,000)

JW House: During medical crises, JW House offers a welcoming home away from home that’s close to local hospitals in Northern California. Every year, thousands of new friends are welcome to enjoy warm meals, comfortable beds and much-needed respite and support. (Goal: $5,000)

Oregon Food Bank: This statewide network of 21 regional food banks, along with 97 partner agencies, help those facing food insecurity throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington. Each month, 270,000 people receive food from a pantry in this network. (Goal: $5,000)

Loaves and Fishes Family Kitchen: Anyone who comes for a meal here gets served, no questions asked. They fight hunger and provide food security to those who need it most in the California Bay Area. Each year, they serve more than 450,000 meals, and in 2016 they served 233,000 right in the South Bay Area. (Goal: $5,000)

Be sure to double your efforts during the POrCH Challenge, and make your tax-deductible donation by July 31. While you’re at it, stop by our Front POrCH and learn more about how you can join your Neighbors for other ways to serve your local community.

Step up for the POrCH Challenge