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Stay Motivated With Your New Year’s Resolutions

We've hit mid-January and already this year feels like a year, if you know what we mean. Believe it or not, most people are already bidding a fond farewell to their New Year's resolutions. So consider this your check-in, with some tips and tricks for adding new life to that lofty resolution. 

Stay motivated on your New Year’s Resolutions
Here are some tried-and-true ways to stay motivated all year long:
Focus On One Big Goal 
Do you have a lengthy list of goals you want to accomplish? Is it starting to feel a little intimidating to juggle so many things?
Experts agree that choosing one goal to focus on is better than having several. The reason for this is that too many can be daunting and people will likely give up on all of them quicker. Having one solid goal to focus on will help establish a new behavioral pattern easier, and you’ll be able to carry it with you throughout the year. Accomplishing one big goal is better than none!

Idea: Instead of committing to a spin class every day, set a year-long goal of choosing fitness over chocolate. Less pressure, and more room for success. 
How Specific are You, Exactly? 
Do your goals have vague but promising phrases like “Eat Healthier” or “Exercise More”? Consider focusing on what you actually want to accomplish so you can make achievable steps on a daily basis. When you say eat healthier, what part of your diet needs changing? What is your favorite form of exercise?
Working in a 20-minute walk every day and eating an additional helping of vegetables is a lot more doable than being vague. Don't be afraid to schedule some time in your calendar to achieve your goals. It'll hold you accountable, and give you something to check off. 
Be Patient with Yourself 
Don’t throw away all your hard work if you’ve had a bad day, week or even month. Moving forward when you stumble builds resilience and self-love. Remember, it’s about achieving a goal for the entire year. It’s your overall progress that ultimately counts, not just a few hiccups along the way.
We look forward to seeing you achieve your goals this 2021. Keep going!