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Spring Redecorating Essentials

A close-up of cherry blossoms against a deep blue sky

Spring is the best time to refresh your living space. If you’re living in an apartment, a full-on renovation isn’t an option (thank goodness!). Luckily for you, spring redecorating can be easy and breezy. From simple flowers and greenery to bursts of color and craftiness, we’ve got some inspiration to help put some spring in your decor.

Sprigs and small places: Spring flowers are a seasonal staple. But there’s no hard or fast rule that says you have to have special sets of vases for your flowers. Vases take up lots of space, and you know that’s a premium. Instead, borrow from this design idea from IMGFAVE and grab whatever container happens to be handy for those spring sprigs.

Throw some shade: Flowers don’t last long before they lose their bloom. We’ve got just the thing: Light up some classy petals that stay fresh forever, like this example here. Grab a lampshade, silk blooms of your liking and a glue gun. Mind your fingertips, though – hot glue can become a hot mess if you’re not careful.

Go for the green: You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy this springy fresher-upper. If flowers aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy some organic elements with a container of wheat grass. Whether you buy some already sprouted, start from seed or (gasp) go the maintenance-free (fake) route, you’ll hardly be able to resist running your hands through these blades.

Put a bird on it: This spring, feather your nest with some bird-inspired elements. We’re ooing and ahhing over this fancy arrangement of nests, eggs and birds from Salt and Pepper Moms. You’ll need a crafty instinct and a few supplies, but it’s definitely doable and screams spring.

Pop of colorful pillows: Your living room is probably the biggest space you have at home, which gives you the opportunity to make a big statement. You could do something major like swap out your couch (ouch!), or go simple and add some new pillows. Feeling crafty? Try this no-sew bloomy pillow project – the result is very now and completely wow.