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Spring Color Palettes for Your Home

Spring is here to brighten up our gardens, parks, and wardrobes. These pops of color are everywhere we go, so why not bring it in our living spaces as well? With vibrant jewel tones and neon flower explosions, bringing a kaleidoscope of color into our homes invites a smile to our faces.

Spring Color Pallettes
Mint is the New White
Instead of plain white walls, freshen up your living room with a light mint green print. This crisp color goes with a wide variety of decorating styles and is subtle enough to bring the edge without getting too loud to look at over time. Great complimentary colors to mint green are lavender and lilac, perhaps freshly picked from your garden!

Sherbet Rainbow
Settling for pastel is so last year! Why not turn it up a notch with cool and tart sherbet ice cream? Get inspiration from this delicious summertime treat with sherbet orange and seafoam green throw blanket, or get literal with a print of sherbet ice cream to hang in your kitchen.

Golden Goddess
Do you want to feel like you’re walking into a sunset? Gold, coral, and tangerine are exciting color combinations that warm things up while providing exciting energy to your household. This can be done by adding bright throw pillows or placemats with a gold centerpiece or throwing down a geometric living room rug.

The Grass is Always Greener
Instead of just embracing the flowers, why not embrace the vibrant green leaves and grass knolls that spring is known for as well? This delightful color pairs well with pops of hot pink that provide a slight nod to the tropics.

Ceramic Blue
The classic white and blue china remind us of spring with little painted flowers, and playful scenes decorated across different pieces. Take inspiration from this with pairing these two colors through comfortable bright blue chairs and crisp white plates for happiness-inducing nostalgia.

Nature Knows Best
Going the natural route with exposed wood, branches or pampa grass for accents may be just what the decorator ordered. Having brown and tan tones throughout the house will only showcase any colors you have through a spring-like lens.

Celebrating this season means going out of your design comfort zone and exploring the playful colors of spring! Share your interior designs with us @prometheus_apartments.