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Spring Blooms: A Good Gathering with Matilda's Bloombox

Spring has arrived! Mountain View Neighbors welcomed the Season of Grow with a floral arrangement workshop hosted at The Dean Apartments. Our friends at Matilda’s Bloombox, a local floral delivery business, facilitated the class in the Dive Bar.

spring blooms good gathering the dean dive bar
Neighbors were able to mingle, snack on curated charcuterie boxes from our friends at Graze + Gather Co., and get their hands busy working on a beautiful arrangement. Want to learn how to make your own arrangement? Here are some tips and tricks from Matilda’s Bloombox for creating your own arrangement with roses:

Step 1: Arranging roses in a vase
A vase full of roses will always work better in a shorter vase with a wider neck. This way the puffy heads of your rose petals will be clearly visible from any place in the room. Taller arrangements with just roses never look as impactful, so we would recommend a short vase with a wider neck for flower arrangements of roses.

Step 2: Start with a small arrangement
With roses start with a small arrangement and build out to any size you want. Blooms always work better in odd numbers. Find the focal point and arrange the roses around it. 5 roses would be one in the middle and 4 around the outside. 7 roses would be one in the middle and 6 around the outside.

Step 3: Source your Roses locally
We source our roses from Petaluma California. To pick the freshest, longer-lasting roses there are a few telltale signs of ‘freshly cut’ that are important to look out for:
Look underneath, you want to see a fresh white core in the middle of your rose stem. If you see a brown-green color then they haven’t been cut in a while and may quickly bloom when you cut them and die much more quickly.
Sturdy, prickly stems are super healthy on roses
A tight bud, the tighter the better, the more it will bloom outwards.
The outer petals on roses are the protective petals, these protect the inner bud so will often be a little brown on the outside.

We look forward to additional in-person Good Gatherings in 2022. See you around the Neighborhood!

spring blooms good gathering the dean dive bar

spring blooms good gathering the dean dive bar