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Splishing and Splashing: Pool Safety Tips

A woman in a pool splashes a man standing on the sundeck.

Summer is nearly here, which means you’ll probably be spending more time sunbathing and swimming at the pool. The pool isn’t all fun and games, though. Here’s a striking statistic: Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4, according to the CDC. With a little care, however, you can have a safe and fun time splishing and splashing.

Guidelines and pool safety tips:

  • Don’t rebel. Follow all posted rules – they’re for everyone’s safety.
  • Keep an eye out. Closely supervise children, and ensure there is enough adult supervision for all of them. Focus on them instead of electronic devices, and keep little ones within arm’s length.
  • Don’t dive into an injury. If you’re jumping or diving, do it in the deep end. Jumping into shallow water (anything at a depth of five feet or less) could cause permanent injury.
  • Follow a closed-door policy. Forget your sunscreen or a towel? Even if you’ll be back to the pool in a flash, be sure to keep the gates and doors closed. (Even better: If you live at a Prometheus Neighborhood, you can pick those up from Ollie, our poolside refreshment cart.)
  • No chickens. Marco Polo is certainly welcome, but no running or rough play (including “chicken” and dunking).
  • Keep the glass at home. Broken glass can be devastating on bare feet. And if it gets into the pool, that typically ends the day’s fun: The pool will need to be drained, cleaned and refilled.
  • Stay sober. Alcohol can cloud your judgement. Please don’t drink before swimming or while at the pool.
  • Separate Hollywood from reality. Although movies and television often depict drowning with frantic splashing and yelling, it’s usually eerily quiet. Know the real signs of drowning: silent, stiff-armed and still.

Here’s to a fun, splashy and safe summer!