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Space For Me: Trinidad Pena

Trinidad Pena, a Promethean of five years, has had tremendous growth during his time with us. In late 2019, he joined the lease-up crew at The Dean as the Leasing and Experience Manager. As if leasing up 583 homes in the midst of a pandemic was not enough to keep him busy, Trinidad set out on a mission to take control of his health. Along the way, an old passion was reignited.

What inspired you to begin your fitness journey? 
I have always enjoyed fitness and being active. Like most people, it is an outlet for me to decompress and release any tension, and it has helped me a lot to regulate my anxiety and depression. I started my fitness journey in mid-2019 and realized that I was not as healthy as I wanted to be. The person I saw in the mirror was not me, which made me feel very vulnerable, and I realized that being active and staying healthy need to be a non-negotiable in my life.

What lead you to become a Barre instructor?
I have been a Barre student for over four years, and in 2020 I was approached by my friend Lisa who owns the Barre studio where I practice. I was hesitant at first but after completing a manifestation challenge in 2021, most of what I wanted to manifest was about becoming a barre instructor. I took this as my sign and started my certification training in March of 2021. I wanted to be able to inspire others with this gift that was given to me. Becoming an instructor has allowed me to be more confident and has pushed my creativity professionally and personally. This has also taught me to stay disciplined.

How did you know that Prometheus would embrace this new passion of yours?
One of the most incredible things about Prometheus is how they support Prometheans inside and outside of the workplace. With our FIT program, Prometheus supports wellbeing and cares that we take care of our minds and body. When I mentioned this to my team, many of them asked when we could do a team class. The support has been incredible.

Tell us about your first class held at your Neighborhood, The Dean.
I enjoyed the first class we had for our Neighbors. It was an intimate group, which I liked because it helped me connect and focus on each participant individually to help keep them motivated. I received some really great feedback and support, and a few Neighbors mentioned that they had fun and were excited to try something new.

What is next for you?
I recently received my certification in HITT Pilates. I have started teaching a few days a week this new practice, and one of my goals is to keep inspiring and promoting wellness and self-care. In 2022 I hope to get my certification in Kundalini Yoga/mediation while focusing on my career and future with Prometheus.

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