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Rosé All Day: At-Home Wine Tastings

Rosé: the pink drink that delights us any day, any way. Besides drinking it by the glass, there are some tried-and-true rosé experiments that will put a smile on you and your friends' faces, near or far. It can also add a much-needed splash of color to your indoor, socially-distanced sanctioned picnic. 

Ready to celebrate rosé all day? Try these summertime recipes.
Ready to celebrate rosé all day? Try these summertime recipes:

“Pink” Lemonade

Step your regular old lemonade up a notch (while having a pinkish hue) once you include rosé! If you’re making fresh lemonade, use: 1/4th cup sugar, 1/4th cup water to boil in saucepan. Bring to a boil and let it cool to dissolve the sugar. Add in 1/4th cup lemon juice and stir it in with 1 cup of ice-cold water. Add in 1 cup of rosé wine and ice to enjoy instantly or let it cool in the fridge for an hour.

(PS: Want some “pink” lemonade instantly? Store-bought lemonade works just as well too!)

Serves two, original recipe from:

Rose Gummies

Want to make a sweet treat for your friends? Imagine making the cutest collection of adult-flavored gummies just for them. Rosé gummies are tinted a beautiful light pink and can be made in a variety of fun shapes, depending on the types of molds you have.

Add one cup of Rosé to a measuring cup, and put in the microwave for one minute, add in ½ cup sugar, 1 ½ OZ gelatin powder, and whisk all together. Pour in even amounts to your mold. You can easily use an ice tray or a silicone mold of your choosing. If you want to add in additional flavor and texture, chop up strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries finely and sprinkle a little into each mold. Refrigerate for one hour and voila!

Watch the YouTube Video by Tasty here:

Rosé Tasting Party

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick a favorite rosé. So, why settle for just one? Consider doing a patio taste test with a wide variety of wine and cheese pairings. Some favorites include Grenache Rosé, a fruity, flowery drink, Tempranillo Rosé, a savory rosé from Spain, and more. Invite Neighbors on either side of your apartment home and turn it into a mini-block party, with every patio celebrating a different theme. 

Cheers to a pink-hued summer! Share your rosé all day photos with us on Instagram @prometheus_apartments.