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Red Wine Challenge: Bottle, Box, or Can

Can you serve boxed wine at your next holiday party and leave your guests feeling satisfied?

We had to know, so we put it to the test. The results are in and it was a tie!

In a blind taste test, we gave our tasters three red wines to sample and rank. We served up boxed wine, bottled wine, and canned wine in unmarked glasses and then we let the tasters rank them according to preference.

The first glass was boxed wine that we aerated in a blender and decanted. The second glass was a medium priced bottle of wine. The third glass was canned wine. We tallied up the preferences and determined this:

Your guests will equally enjoy aerated/decanted boxed wine to a bottle variety. So, if you’re hosting a large party of 25 guests or more, you don’t need to break the bank. Plan ahead and aerate and decant your boxed wine for your guests to enjoy.

If your hosting an intimate soiree, stick with the cellared bottle. There’s even a place where the canned wine works in social situations.

Grab a beer koozie and bundle up your can and head out for a night of caroling. While the canned wine didn’t score in the top two for taste, we really fell for the convenience of this option.

We believe, there’s a wine for every occasion…. Boxed, canned, and bottled.