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Rainy-Day Workout Ideas

If the rain, rain won’t go away, don’t work out some other day. You might not be able to run your favorite route outside, but many of our Neighborhoods have fitness centers with equipment that you can use rain or shine. If it’s a matter of motivation that’s keeping you from a workout when it’s wet, you can also look to the comfort of your own living room. We’ve put together some easy rainy-day exercises that keep things moving and mix up your fitness routine even when the weather is yucky.

Slip around on purpose: Whether you’ve got hardwood or carpet, you can get in a great workout for your core, legs and arms. Using a dishtowel on hardwood, or paper plates on carpet, you’ve got a handy slider right at your fingertips. Help yourself to some lunges, sliding skaters, twisted planks and more with this illustrated guide from The Fitnessista.

Rainy day legs: If you’re missing your outdoor run because it’s pouring rain, you might want to pour on attention for your legs only. This quick 25-minute workout from Popsugar has eight lunges, planks and squats that will leave your legs feeling the burn.

Rainy-Day Workout Ideas

Get off the couch (or not): This Lazy Girl Couch Workout shows great step-by-step instructions for how to get a rainy day workout while lounging in your living room. We especially like the pillow squeeze reverse crunch – get a pillow between your legs and lift them straight in front of you, then bend your knees in and out without dropping that pillow.

Netflix and flex: Rainy weather and binge watching usually go hand in hand. Rainy days can easily turn into movie nights. Good thing we found this unique indoor workout from Darebee that you can do without even getting up from your couch. It’s a full-body workout with punches, crunches, swings and kicks. If you like that one, you might want to try this concentrated abs workout from the same place. Try the circuit – it's way harder than it seems.

Household chores burn calories: Why not kill two birds with one stone? Work out on a rainy day, and clean your apartment while you’re at it. You can burn more than 150 calories in just an hour of vacuuming, sweeping and/or mopping your floors. Even bending down to pick something up (or maybe even a few things) can turn into a series of lunges and squats.