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Prepare Your Home for Summer Vacation, Too

It's easy to catch the travel bug over the summer holidays. There's so much to do and the weather is perfect to get out and do it. If your summer plans include a trip, we'd like to help you with preparing your home for vacation while you're getting everything else ready as well.

Part of the fun of going on a summer vacation comes in the planning. While you figure out what to pack, what restaurants to hit and which sights to see, you should also think about how to get your apartment ready, too. Preparing your home for vacation is just as important as planning all that other fun stuff. Plus, you'll take along the peace of mind that everything is taken care of while you're away.

We've prepared a vacation checklist for your home to help get you started:

Let the office know
We're Neighbors, so of course we'd love to hear all about the fun destinations you're visiting this summer. Also, as a matter of practicality, pop in to let us know if you're going to be away and how long you expect to be gone. Keep us posted if somebody new will be coming and going while you're away, like a friend or pet sitter. Then, feel free to send us a postcard.

Stop that mail
Your mailbox isn't built to hold mail for more than a few days. This "Hold Mail Service" request form from the U.S. Postal Service should make it easy to keep until you get back, and you won't have to wait in line to schedule it.

Light it up
Consider putting a few lights or even some light music on a timer, to make it look like somebody's home. Criminals are less likely to mess with a place when it looks like people are around.  If you have questions on how to do this, let us know – we are happy to assist.

Power down
If you're not going to be home anyway, there's no sense in keeping those electronics running or your apartment cooled. Unplug energy-hungry devices like monitors, televisions and gaming systems (they often draw power in standby mode), and turn the air conditioning off before you go.

Find a spot to park it
Think about where you'll keep your car while you're gone. Most apartment communities will tag and tow cars that aren't moved for too long (they're typically abandoned), so let us know your car is on vacation too!

Make a clean sweep
Travel is fun, but it's good to come back to home sweet home. Before you go, do a full tidying up. Clean out the fridge and leave out something with a pleasant scent. If the rest of your apartment is clean, it will make all that laundry a bit easier to face when you're back.

Safe travels!