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Power Your Productivity: 5 Work From Home Essentials

With more of the workforce clocking in from home, it’s crucial to have a space in your home that promotes productivity and channels your inner creative spirit. How do you transform your apartment home into a mini office space?

Simple. Here are five work from home essentials, cold breakroom coffee not included.

Power Your Productivity: 5 Work From Home Essentials
A Dedicated Desk
While working from bed sounds like the dream, it can seriously mess up your sleeping habits. Not to mention, you just might give in to temptation and sleep through your morning deadline. Find some space in your apartment for a desk or table, preferably with plenty of natural light. If you can manage it, pick a space where you can shut out distractions, and also shut out work at the end of the day. A little separation goes a long way.

A Solid Coffee Machine
One of the best parts of working from home? Your own coffee stash. No more fighting for burnt coffee from the breakroom. Load up on your coffee (or tea!) of choice and power through your to-do list. Don’t have a coffee machine? Stop by any of our leasing offices for a free cup of joe, on us. Seasonal teas as well!

A Dependable Wi-Fi Connection
The last thing you want when you’re on a video call is to drop out when your service does. A slow or unreliable connection can derail your focus and stifle your flow. Purchase a Wi-Fi extender for your apartment home or upgrade to a higher speed through your provider. Not working out for you? Try one of our Clubhouse spaces or Think Tanks. Not only do we provide free, high-speed Wi-Fi, but most of our Think Tank spaces are also equipped with projectors, color printers, copiers, and whiteboards – everything you need to brainstorm the next big thing.

Power Your Productivity: 5 Work From Home Essentials
Noise-Canceling Headphones
Shut out the rest of the world with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. You’ll be able to ignore the delivery guy, trash pickup, and whoever else is wandering the halls in the middle of the day. Wireless headphones are also great for conference calls, giving you the freedom of movement during your meetings.

The Best Kind of Co-Worker
It’s no secret that pets are a mood lifter. Working from home means you can spend some extra time with your furry friend, and even get out and grab some sunlight during your lunch break. Pets help keep things in perspective and are great for a stress-relieving cuddle.

What does your work from home setup look like? Share it with us by tagging us in your photos @prometheus_apartments.