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Porch x San Mateo Pride Center: Still Here, Still Proud

“I feel blessed that we work for a company that openly supports and encourages people to be their best and most original selves. I believe that if more companies followed the lead, there could be a major change in the acceptance of all individuals. Love is love!” – Prometheus Volunteer

It takes courage to show up as your most authentic self. With that comes a deep sense of pride - in ourselves, our community, and our Prometheans.

We are delighted to celebrate Pride at Prometheus – today and every day.

In 2021, we partnered with the San Mateo Pride Center to help support their work with pro bono therapy services. We will continue this relationship in 2022 while providing additional resources to this incredible organization. We joined their 10th Anniversary Pride Celebration – their largest celebration since 2019 held at San Mateo Central Park. It was a celebration welcome to all.

“Volunteering for the SMPC was incredibly fun and rewarding. The volunteers and employees were very hospitable. They assigned tasks that would encourage conversations with fellow vendors, non-profit organizations, and attendees. It felt like I was able to enjoy PRIDE while helping the community”, shared a Promethean who rolled up their sleeves to volunteer at the event.

A giant thank you to the San Mateo Pride Center for allowing us to participate in their Pride Celebration and for being a safe landing place for many in the community.