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Porch x City of Dreams: A Celebration


city of dreams
8 Prometheans, 42 hours of volunteer service, and one amazing non-profit served 70 members of the community on Saturday, February 19, in celebration of Black History Month.

City of Dreams is located in the middle of the Bayview and Hunters Point neighborhoods in the southeastern corner of San Francisco, City of Dreams mission is “to help the youth living in San Francisco’s low-income housing communities build brighter futures through mentorship and youth development.”

Prometheus has been lucky enough to partner with COD over the last year on several program initiatives that help bring their purpose to life – gardening educational program, graduation ceremonies, holiday gifts, and most recently their Black History Month celebration.  

The Executive Director, Jarae Clark shared the goal of the recent festivities was to “honor the culture of the youth we serve and highlight the positive aspects of Black Culture and empower our youth to embrace it. The theme for our BHM event was “Black Health & Wellness Through Art & Nature.”  

The celebration sprawled out over the EcoCenter at Heron’s Head Park. “The space, in general, represents quite the struggle for this Black Community over time due to the pollution caused by the Navy Shipyard occupation. Its transformation into a beautiful natural space represents the resiliency of its residents,” shared a COD team member. Upwards of 70 people came out under the sunshine and participated in a wide range of events from a live mural painting to complimentary haircuts from Dogpatch Barber and Shave. There was a natural hair product station and delicious food prepared by Chef Rashad Armstead, Oakland-based Celebrity Chef and Food Network’s Chopped Champion.”

A Prometheus volunteer recalls the feeling of pure joy of the day: “There was a sweet woman who was sitting in a chair watching the artist and the community paint a mural, and she looked so at peace. She had her sandals off and was swaying with the music, and at times she would have the largest grin on her face. You could really tell that she was so happy, and it truly warmed my heart seeing that we can make an impact.”

A long time Promethean summed up the event beautifully: “What a worthy cause and fun afternoon! What stood out to me were the stories that were told about the sense of community at Hunters Point and how people really loved the area and were passionate about preserving it. When you drive by on the 101, you’d think it was very industrial, with all the cranes and shipyards. But when you are immersed into it, you realize that it’s filled with nature, beautiful views, and neighborhoods filled with pride.”

The celebration left all with a feeling of pride – some in their work, others in how they could give back, and for those in attendance, the joy in knowing their community was left a bit brighter. “We heard from attendees of all ages about how much fun they had and how fruitful the event was. One resident even boasted about how proud she was to see corporate volunteers supporting local organizations” shared Jarae Clark.

Prometheus’ Vice President of Promethean Services (HR) and leader of our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging group was amongst the volunteers.

“Since its creation, our DIB committee has been primarily focused on analyzing our current policies, practices, and workplace culture, gathering feedback and training. Meaningful and important work, but we have been chomping at the bits for an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and get out into the community and provide hands-on service. Volunteering at the event on Saturday was the perfect kickoff to our next season of action. I personally appreciated the diversity within our group of volunteers, the other organizations, and among the attendees. It was a beautiful representation of our Bay Area communities.”  

Here is to the many seasons of learning, growing, and building better communities for all.