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Porch Gives Back: Celebrating Earth Day in Our Community

Nestled in Portland, OR, is a revival neighborhood known as Slabtown. This historical gem that hugs the Willamette River is known for its revolutionary days in the lumber mill industry. Prometheus has just over 900 apartment homes between NW 20 and NW 22 street – Saltwood, The Carson, and Raleigh Slabtown. Each tips its hat to the pioneers from decades past and pays homage to the urban forests just outside their doorsteps. This trio of living spaces was made for Earth Day.

earth day
Forest Park Conservancy (you know that 5,200 acres of urban forest sprawls across Portland) has a long history of keeping the forest life protected and accessible for all.  Prometheus has been a long-time partner through our Porch program and, since 2018, supported their Discovery Hikes Program. In 2021, we happily sponsored 20 of their hikes ranging from youth-led, to basket weaving, to photography-focused hikes. They are almost always free and take place rain or shine. Tagging along for a Discovery Hike is a great way to explore Forest Park and get a glimpse into what the city of Portland looked like centuries ago.

Did you know that since 2000 an estimated 522,000 acres of forest cover in Oregon have disappeared? That is a whole lot of bird and squirrel homes.  Our friends at Saltwood committed to restoring 7,281 trees in 2022 through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Earth Day doesn’t just roll around once a year for our Slabtown Apartment homes; it is an everyday tribute through design, namesakes, and partnerships. Celebrate Mama Earth today by getting out into the wild, dropping a few coins in a nonprofit’s online donation jar, reusing that old paper bag stuffed under the sink, or even hugging a tree.