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Picnic with Panache: 5 Tips for an Outdoor Feast

Whether you’re planning an outing with a big group, or a romantic meal for two, summer is all about picnics. Sure, you can grab sandwiches from your favorite local deli, toss them in a cooler with a bottle of wine and have a lovely time. But isn’t there something special about having some fun with the presentation?

DIY Picnic Recipes
Some people love to go all out with fancy glassware and multiple courses that require cutlery. We like to opt for a middle ground—impressive, but not fussy.

Here are a few of our food favorites that are easy to prep the night before but pack a lot of wow factor.

Pan Bagnet (A delicious French-inspired sandwich)
A traditional Pan Bagnet, “wet bread” recipe uses anchovies and tuna. This recipe features more veggies and ham, but you can easily put your own spin on it. Whatever fillings you choose, simply hollow out a rustic round loaf of bread, layer them up and wrap tightly overnight to let the flavors meld.

Salad in a Jar
You can go full cuteness with these by using mason jars labeled with twine or simply recycle some used jars. Either way, these look amazing and are fun to eat. Again, you can vary the ingredients to your taste. The key with this one is to pour the dressing into the bottom and then start layering with crisp ingredients like cucumbers, working your way up to delicate greens on top.

Mojito Fruit Salad
We just can’t get enough fruit in the summer. This is one of our current favorites because it takes summery watermelon and berries and mixes them with mojito-inspired lime and mint. Yum!

Peach Pie Bars
Again, never enough fruit. This easy dessert features another summer favorite—peach. Plus, all the deliciousness of a pie crumble without the hassle. Precut at home and you’ll have plenty for everyone.

Lemon Drinks
While we love a dry rosé, lemon is just so refreshing. Homemade lemonade is also a great non-alcoholic base that people can drink on its own with a splash of sparkling water or a healthy pour of prosecco. Mix it up by adding some other fruits for flavor and color. You can even freeze a berry mixture the night before and add it on site for an extra frosty touch.

Whatever you choose to pack for your picnic, remember the main point is getting outside and enjoying some laid-back time with special people. Enjoy!