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Partners in Revitalization: Giving New Life to Old Homes

Partners in Revitalization: Giving New Life to Old Homes
At Prometheus, being a good neighbor is not a theory or feel-good mantra, it is the very fiber our fabric is weaved from.

A few weeks ago we locked arms with HIF (Housing Industry Foundation) and a handful of vendor partners to infuse life into a Unity Care apartment complex; a non-profit serving Bay Area foster youth and families. While this is not a Prometheus owned community or affiliate, we recognize and appreciate the mission of Unity Care. They serve transitional age former foster youth and their children by empowering and providing “the security and support they need to flourish in society.” This time around the support came in the form of revitalizing their apartments.

We are in the home business. Not just the four walls and roof kind of home business, but the curating a space that can be your very own, a safe haven, a place to be proud of, a place to call “home.” When we heard from our friends over at HIF what they were up to with Unity Care, we knew this opportunity was for us.

Rolling up our sleeves to paint, lay a new lawn, and install flooring just scratched the surface of what was accomplished that day. Twelve homes were part of the revitalization project. That is twelve households that returned home to find perfect strangers investing their efforts into making their safe haven a brighter place.

A huge thank you to our vendor partners that contributed upwards of $25,000 in in-kind donations and rolled up their sleeves alongside us: Kelly Moore, Empire Painting, Benchmark, Home Depot, Medallion Landscape, ProFloors, Aquatek, ADP Appliance.

Together we can truly create better neighborhoods.