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Our Favorite Portland Breweries

Portland is full of fantastic breweries – how do you pick which ones to visit first? We've put together a list of our current favorites so you don't have to do the work. Just head up to the bar and place your order at these tasty local spots.

  • Sasquatch Brewery. Located at 6440 SW Capitol Highway, Sasquatch offers a wide variety of ales and other delicious brews. If can only have one, go with our favorite here: the Celilo Dark Ale. You can also find sour beer and new west cider brewed at Sasquatch. Stick around for dinner and dessert, since Sasquatch has a full menu as well.
  • Old Town Brewery. The downtown location of Old Town Brewery, at 226 NW Davis Street, is housed in a building many claim is haunted. Ghosts or not, the brew is to die for. We recommend the Sun-Dazed Kolsch-style ale for a much-needed refresh, or one of their seasonal beers. Get a handmade pizza while you're there and stay awhile.
  • Columbia River Brewing Company. You've got to try the Stumbler's Stout here, an oatmeal stout that has won multiple awards. The brewery is located at 1728 NE 40th Avenue and has a vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu for your non-meat-eating friends. Get this: they also serve brunch on the weekends!
  • Baerlic Brewery. Baerlic ("of barley" in Old English) offers a bright and clean atmosphere in its tasting room at 2235 SE 11th Avenue. Try their Invincible IPA or Cavalier classic cream ale. Baerlic doesn't currently serve food, but you're welcome to bring your own while you have a drink.
  • Labrewatory. A new craft brewery located at 670 N Russell Street, the Labrewatory is crafting some really interesting concoctions. They keep a wide variety of beers on tap, including many brewed right here. For something different than what you're used to, try the Ad Nibs Chocolate Milk Saison or the Golly G Cranberry Porter. On Sundays, stop by for brunch by Tamale Boy and beer cocktails.

These are just some of our current favorite craft breweries in Portland, but there are so many other excellent spots in our city just waiting for you to come in for a taste.