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Organizing the Ultimate Pupsgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and that means planning something big and heartwarming for your family and friends. The decorations are up, the feast is ready, but wait: is there someone you’re forgetting? Your pup wants in on the festivities too! Here’s how you can create the perfect pupsgiving for your furry family member.

The Invite List

Do your loved one’s dogs get along with yours? If you’re inviting people over for Thanksgiving, invite their dogs too! Make sure you’re welcoming dogs that know each other, so there aren’t any kerfuffles during the long event ahead.

The goal of a pupsgiving is letting dogs socialize while you have wonderful conversations!

Dog-Friendly Feast

Lucky for you and your dog, there are many dog-friendly food options when it comes to your pupsgiving feast. Turkey is a great, high-protein option as long as you’re not giving them any bones (choking hazard!) and stick with the white meat. Mashed potatoes okay in moderation, but too much butter or salt can upset a dog's stomach.

If you’re looking for some holiday-themed snacks that aren’t from your dining room table, there are peanut butter and pumpkin treat recipes online that dogs go bonkers for. Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein, while pumpkin is particularly rich in Vitamin A.

Festive Playtime

Need the pack of dogs to be preoccupied while your family eats their meal? Find a batch of chew toys or bouncy balls for the dogs to occupy themselves with and watch the fun unfold! There are even rubber chickens (or turkeys!) if you’re looking for a theme. While your guests enjoy dessert, the dogs can tucker themselves out accordingly with some serious Thanksgiving playtime.

End of the Day TLC

Perhaps the most important part of pupsgiving is showing gratitude for your dog. This can come in the form of extra affection, but it can also mean checking in and making sure your dog doesn’t need some downtime away from the other dogs. After a long day of playtime and eating foods they don’t normally eat, hanging out with your dog to see if they need time to regroup is even more important. We all get a little lethargic after a big feast, and your pup is no different.

Have a wonderful Thanks (and pups) giving!

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