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Love Your Thanksgiving Leftovers with These Recipes

Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone, but our bet is your fridge is still full of enough turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing to feed a small army. Skip re-living the same meal over and over again, and instead try these creative takes on leftovers.

Love Your Thanksgiving Leftovers with These Recipes
The Leftover: Turkey
Football season is still in full swing, and nachos are a perfect companion to an afternoon in front of the television. Shred your leftover turkey, add cheese, beans, and green onions for some added flavor – and throw into the oven to make everything nice and melty. Enjoy with some cider on the side.

The Leftover: Mashed Potatoes
The only thing better than mashed potatoes is fried mashed potatoes. Load your leftover potatoes with bacon, cheese, and onions before dropping them into the fryer for the perfect snack or appetizer. If frying isn’t your thing, just pop them into the oven until they’re nice and brown.

The Leftover: Cranberry Sauce
Does anyone else have an aunt that still insists upon the oddly shaped, always jiggling, cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner? Well, if you’re stuck with the sauce post-meal, use it to create these sweet and tart turnovers. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.

The Leftover: Stuffing
Seriously impress any Thanksgiving guests staying the night by whipping up these stuffing cakes the morning after the big meal. Top with a sunny side up egg and some crisp bacon - or a fresh tomato for our vegan friends - and you have a crowd pleaser.

The Leftover: A little bit of everything
Hearty and satisfying, this shepherd’s pie is a creative (and filling) solution for a table leftover with a little bit of everything. Combine your leftover turkey with gravy and vegetables, and top off with mashed potatoes. Bake until browned, and settle down in front of the fireplace for the perfect autumn night meal.

Leftovers are a great way to re-live some holiday magic long after you’ve packed up the fancy china. Try these recipes, and share your holiday concoctions with us by tagging @prometheus_apartments on social media or by using #seasonsofus. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!