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Keep Busy: Free Cooking Lessons and Chef Inspiration

With time slowing down, we all have a little extra time to spend in the kitchen. Have you been saving recipes for a rainy day? Drooling over creating desserts from scratch? How about supporting your local favorite restaurant? As we live a more home-body lifestyle, this may be the perfect opportunity to try them all.

Keep Busy: Free Cooking Lessons and Chef Inspiration
Here are some kitchen-focused activities to keep you busy during your days at home:
Be a Part of the Great American Take Out
Many of your local restaurants are now in take-out or delivery mode. This means they might be losing essential business to keep afloat during uncertain times. Consider calling ahead and asking what their current procedures are. If you’re uncertain about ordering takeout or delivery right now but still want to support, you can always purchase a gift card for future use.
If you can’t leave the house, services like UberEats and DoorDash are currently offering free delivery, while services like Instacart let you order groceries ahead of time to avoid going to the grocery store. They have social distancing procedures in place, keeping you safe while providing you with the food you’ve been craving.

Family Matters
Looking to cook something a little more familiar? Now is the time to reach out to family members and friends to see how you can accumulate some recipes of your childhood. You may not have all the ingredients, but with the power of the internet and your support system, you can create something delicious and comforting - even with some substitutes. Involve your kiddos in the kitchen with easier tasks like measuring, peeling, or pouring. It’s a great hands-on activity while you’re stuck in the house, and a prime learning opportunity.
Find Some Cooking Inspiration
Before cooking up a storm, find a little inspiration from the masters. Learning tricks of the trade from professionals could save you time (and a headache!) trying to figure out new techniques. Epicurious describes their channel as “People who love to eat,” showing how food is made from novice to expert. Bon Appétit gets creative with chefs recreating popular junk food and iconic dishes for everyone to try themselves at home (if you dare!).

Free Cooking Classes From The Experts
A number of chefs are hopping online to bring their expertise to the masses. Famous Portland chef Gabriel Rucker is offering live classes on Instagram, teaching everything from miso cod rice bowls (a family favorite) to pork chops. Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street magazine has also removed fees from his online cooking school. Each class includes videos, recipes, with step-by-step photos to know you’re getting it right.

Here is a quick list of other famous chefs offering free online classes:
Show us what you’re cooking up in the kitchen by tagging us in your creations @prometheus_apartments. After all, there is nothing more comforting than some warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.