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Keep Busy: Fitness Classes From Home

The gym may be closed, but don’t let that stop your fitness grind. While the Instagram push up challenge is a good start, try something a little outside your comfort zone. A number of boutique fitness studios are waiving their fees during social distancing restrictions. Take advantage of the free opportunity, and try out some different classes. Relieve some stress, reclaim some energy, and work up a sweat.

Keep Busy: Fitness Classes From Home
Here are some fitness options you can do from your home: 

Peloton: Free 90-Day Trial
Known for their bike and streaming classes, Peloton also offers equipment-free classes. Try yoga, meditation, or bodyweight cardio classes free for 90-days. Or, if you have your own bike at home, hop on and try a spin class.

ClassPass: Free
If you already have a ClassPass membership, you can still cash in on digital classes, no tokens required. Explore their library of audio and video fitness classes, broken down by activity or class duration. Squeeze in a little barre with your lunch, or start your morning with Yoga.

FitOn: Free
FitOn is a free app that provides workouts based on the equipment you have available – even if you have no equipment available. Join the ‘Work From Home Workout Challenge’ to be social during your social distancing.

Rumble: Free
This high-intensity cardio and strength fitness boutique is offering their studio classes free of charge on Instagram live. Trainers stream live from their homes with plenty of energy to get you up and moving. Plus, a little shadow boxing is an excellent stress reliever.

Headspace: Free
If exercising your mind is your workout of choice, we’ve got that covered too. Meditation app Headspace is offering free guided meditation classes for all levels. They also have great guidance on how to wash your hands mindfully – a useful skill these days.

Barry’s Bootcamp: Free
Another boutique studio hopping on with Instagram streaming classes is cardio mega house Barry’s Bootcamp. If you’ve always wanted to try one of their studio classes, but the balked at the price tag, now is the time. Trainers are offering equipment-free classes with a new schedule released every day.

Y7 Studio: Free
Find your flow and connect with Y7 Studio on Instagram for a diverse selection of yoga classes. Known for their hip-hop yoga classes (amazing, right?), they also offer specific pose breakdowns and daily meditations.

Pure Barre: Free
With new 30 to 45 minute classes offered every day, now is the time to channel your inner ballerina and work on your barre-based movements. The only equipment you’ll need is a dedicated space and a chair to create your in-home dance studio.

What have you been doing to keep active? Share with us your home workout set-up at @prometheus_apartments.