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Keep Busy At Home: Free Concerts From Your Living Room

If supporting the music scene is one of your favorite hobbies, you can keep rocking while you’re at home – mosh pit optional. Many musicians, local and world-famous, are creating unique and interactive content for you to enjoy and contribute to.

Keep Busy at Home: Music
Here are some ideas to keep you engaged with your music community, from free classes to live shows: 

Check out Live Events
Have a concert in your living room! Billboard is updating national and international events from country to hip hop through multiple streaming services and videos, while Rolling Stone is keeping updated accounts of the music industry during this unprecedented time.

Stars are also taking to Instagram Live to broadcast mini-concerts straight from their home. Some of our favorites? Try John Legend, The Roots, and Alicia Keys.

Looking for something more local? Though in-person Facebook events are canceled for now, many musicians are using Facebook events as a platform to showcase live events, whether it’s in their living room or backyard. And yes, they need your monetary support too! Artists are offering their merchandise and albums as a way to help sustain themselves or other artists in need.

Participate in Music
Video meetings aren’t just for your team update. This professional workplace technology can be used for symphonies, open mics, or a place to jam with your friends. There are many video technologies on the market right now, and depending on what you’re using it for, there are a variety of options. Starting a long-distance beatboxing, drum circle, or acapella group has never been easier!

More importantly, you can have a good belly laugh while doing so.

Watch Viral Videos
If nothing else, creative people get more creative during times like these. Steve Martin took the internet by storm by playing his banjo, the song “Imagine” by John Lennon was sung by celebrities (to mixed, hilarious results), and the Toronto Symphony played together from 29 different locations. More and more are being created every day to make all of us feel connected and inspired.

What are you singing at home? Share your musical moments with us by tagging @prometheus_apartments on Instagram.