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Introducing The Art of Moving

There is a certain art to moving. A beautiful chaos in your dishes wrapped in that sweater you forgot to return during the holidays, and your shoes in the same box as your blender. It’s a fresh start. A chance to start new.

Before snooze buttons,
Doorbells and dinner parties.
Before snack attacks,
And Friday night feasts.

There is a moment.
A beautiful chaos.
Where takeout
Never tasted so good.

And neighborhood walks
Turn into adventures.
It is a time when
The past gets purged
And new doors
Become new beginnings. 

We’d like to introduce The Art of Moving – where the daunting meets the playful, and an experiential art exhibit takes the place of the industry’s standard model apartment. Our goal is to visualize the possibilities of what life after the move might be like – when the cardboard boxes are stacked away and it’s time for you to host your first dinner party.

Beginning this summer, guests touring select Prometheus Neighborhoods in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest will experience The Art of Moving, a gallery-esque exhibit, showcasing a move in progress, with many of the mover’s possessions in a state of unpacking. Inside our model apartment home, guests will see every-day packing materials with curated furniture pieces. Chairs wrapped in fabric and twine transform a simple set of furnishings into a dynamic sculpture.

Whether you love the opportunity for a fresh start, or you dread finding a way to haul your library across town – we can all agree moving is a complicated and often stressful undertaking. We invite you to explore The Art of Moving, our reinvention of the standard model apartment.