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Host a Cookie Party

Chocolate crinkle, gingerbread, and snickerdoodle, oh my! Hosting the ultimate cookie party means not only baking cookies yourself but making sure your guests are excited about the creations too. Between creating the perfect atmosphere and introducing the rules of cookie-swapping, cookie parties can be quite a sweet treat. Here are ways to celebrate your cookie party (without spilling the milk!):

Spread Out the Cookies

If your guests are bringing their own variety of baked goods, they’re going to be excited to show them off! Make sure you have a table or enough kitchen counter space for your friend’s presentations. Some people might bring signs (or you can provide a sign making station!) or have containers that are different sizes. Showcase each individual’s needs appropriately by roughly confirming how many people are bringing cookies ahead of time.

Sweet Decorations

Luckily for novice crafters, cookies are usually, well, circle-shaped! If you want to make some cookie-themed garlands around your home (or have your guests color in some cookies and stick them on your wall!), cutting out circles in different colored construction paper is not a huge undertaking. Unless, of course, glitter is involved.

Napkins, Napkins, Napkins

There are bound to be cookies that will fall apart, especially when people are excited to try them all! There should be a variety of small plates and napkins on deck to minimize some of the spillage, especially as people maneuver around and socialize. That being said, it’s probably a good idea to keep your broom out, just in case.

Send Home the Treats

When the party is nearing the end, your guests are going to want the goods! Some may bring containers to collect their own bounty, while others will rely on you to provide containers for them. This can be as simple as paper plates and plastic wrap or inexpensive reusable containers. More importantly, some people like collecting first thing, so they don’t miss out on the best stuff. If this happens, make sure you have a marker available to mark their container if needed.

Don’t Forget the Containers

Before your guests officially leave, remind them to take their own containers home. This way, too, you’ll have less cleaning up to do one the party is over.

Enjoy your sugar-filled fun this holiday season!