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Herb and Spice Trends to Mix Things Up in the Kitchen

What is that bright yellow herb everyone is talking about? What can we put in our spring salad to wow our houseguests? Check out these trendy herbs that will reinvigorate you and your loved ones taste buds.

Herb and Spice Trends to Mix Things Up in the Kitchen
Turmeric has been on everyone’s radar recently. Its health benefits are through the roof and gives dishes a bright sunrise yellow color. Traditionally used in Indian curries, this spice can be used a variety of different ways including salad dressings, soups and works well with a plethora of meats and vegetables.

Lemon Balm
Often used in tea, lemon balm has since branched out to become a star in multiple ways. Used as a bit of soft zest in ice cream or candy, this herb is a lovely addition to many sweet and savory items and is something that can grow easily on your window sill.

Summer Savory
It’s all in the name. This herb packs a savory punch with all things meat related. If you plan on grilling this spring and summer, consider using this peppery alternative like sage when cooking your favorite savory dishes.

Black Garlic
Fermented garlic? Yes, please! Black garlic has all the things we love about garlic with the bonus of being fermented so it brings out interesting flavors. Black garlic is usually seen with Asian inspired dishes such as stir fry and rice bowls, and is delicious when mixed with mayo and spread on Vietnamese style sandwiches.

Where is the love? This uncommon plant may be a little difficult to find, but well worth the effort. This herb tastes like a cross between celery and cilantro but turned up a notch. Often mixed with soups or on savory meats, the roots can also be eaten. Use it when you want a celery and cilantro kick!

This mix of spices dates back to the Persian Empire and has stood the test of time. It mixes roses, cumin, sweet cinnamon, cardamom seeds and Indian coriander for an intoxicating sweet and salty combination. Chefs who use Advieh suggest trying it out by adding it to your apple pie or marinating it over chicken.

Svaneti Seasoned Salt
Another mixed spice that will be sure to entice your senses is this Georgian salt blend. It is named after a mountainous region of the country of Georgia said to have created this spice. Use in place of seasoning salt, it has a wide variety of delectable ingredients: caraway, coriander, fenugreek, black pepper, tellicherry, garlic, chiles, and sea salt. You and your loved one's taste buds will thank you.