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Hang with Care: Tip and Tricks for DIY Wreaths

Nothing welcomes the holiday season quite like the scent of balsam and cedar. And while candles may be great, fresh pine paired with spruce, fir, and magnolia will keep your apartment home smelling (and looking) festive long after that candle burns low.  

Last week, we hosted our first ever wreath making workshop at Trestle Apartments in San Carlos. Designer Jenn Ray showed our Neighbors how to deck the halls with artisanal wreaths, bringing a little holiday cheer to their apartment homes. She pulled together her best tips and tricks for DIY wreath making below:

Select your Greenery

Pine, balsam, and cedar are traditional wreath making materials, but try integrating some other plant products to liven up your wreath. Tallow berries, magnolia leaves, pampas grass, pinecones, and other fried or foraged plant material are additions that will add style and substance.

Gather your Materials

Make sure you have a handy set of shears on hand for any trimming you might need to do, paddle wire to secure the greenery, and colorful ribbon to hang with. For your wreath base, grapevine is a great natural base to trim with your festive best. You can find bases in various sizes at any craft store. 

Get Creative with Placement

Forget what you know about your grandmother’s wreath. Today’s trend in wreath making is all about unusual placement. Skip wrapping the pine in a neat circle all around. Instead, try uneven layering or exposed ends for an unstructured feel. Add some additional interest by clustering foraged materials, dried flowers, or berry accents. 

Hang with Care

Now that your wreath is complete, all you need to do is find the perfect place to hang. While doorways are traditional, consider hanging your wreath indoors to maximize the scent benefits of having fresh greenery in your home. Pantry doors, closets, and even windows make excellent places for your new creation.

Make sure to share your wreaths with us by sharing on social using the hashtag #SeasonsOfUs! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.