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Good Gatherings: How to Houseplant

Nothing brightens up a space like a little greenery.

Last week we launched Good Gatherings, a series of curated events dedicated to enriching the lives of our Neighbors. Our miniseries on ‘How to Houseplant’ was first on the docket, focused on providing neighbors with a basic guide on caring for indoor plants.  

Good Gatherings: How to Houseplant
Featuring plant experts and plenty of wine, Pistil’s Nursery at The Carson Apartments in Portland and Crooked Nest at Metropolitan Apartments in San Mateo led two incredible workshops on caring for indoor plants. Here is what we learned at our inaugural Good Gatherings:

Let in the Light
If you don't have a ton of natural lighting in your apartment home, you can use a fluorescent light to feed your plant. Just make sure the light is less than two feet away, or you risk too much of a good thing. Fluorescent lights are ideal for plants with low to medium light requirements like ferns, ivy, and lilies.

Air, Please
The health of your plant’s roots is equally as important as the health of the leaves. While the leaves indicate how your plant might be feeling, the roots are nutrient superstores. Healthy roots should be white or tan and long enough to hold the soil in the shape of the pot. Any visible root tips should be white. If your roots are looking brown and crumbly, your plant isn’t feeling too hot.

Water is Life
It depends on the plant. It’s important to know the natural environment your plant comes from, so you can mimic that environment to the best of your ability. Some plants need dry soil to flourish. Others need more regular watering. Get to know your plant’s backstory and it’ll help you keep your little green friend alive.

Dish up the Dirt
Dirt is dirt, right? Nope. Nutrients, supplementation, fertilizers, and soil composition all play a part in the health of your plant. A good mix of soils for indoor potting is typically made up of peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite. You can buy this combination at any home gardening store. But note that these mixes tend to dry out quickly, so keep an eye on that watering can.

Good Gatherings: How to Houseplant
Good Gatherings: How to Houseplant
Have some tidbits to share on how to houseplant? Share them with us on social @prometheus_apartments! And make sure to keep an eye out for a Good Gathering near you. You can check out our schedule below:

Bay Area
Get Your Kondo On | Sparking Joy in your home with KonMari Specialist | June
A Night with a Sommelier | Wine styled by Sommelier Karen Gessert | September
Mountain View Block Party | Mountain View Art and Wine | September
Fall for Flowers | Handcrafted floral workshop | November
Home for the Holidays | Take and make wreath workshop | December

Ride & Refresh | Rooftop ride for a Cause | June
Second Annual Slabtown Crawl | Neighborhood crawl through Slabtown | October

Have a suggestion for a Good Gathering in your area? Need some more information about any of the events listed above? Reach out to our Good Gatherings team directly. 

Good Gatherings: How to Houseplant

Good Gatherings: How to Houseplant