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Giving Tuesday: Tis the Season of Merry Making!

giving tuesday

Tis the Season of Merry Making!
We are partnering with an old friend, Family Giving Tree, to spread the merry far and wide in our community this holiday.

FGT “envisions a world where giving brings joy, offers hope, and creates learning possibilities.” They continue their mission by collecting gifts for those in need throughout the Bay Area this season by setting out to collect 40,000 presents.  85% of gifts collected during the annual holiday drive go to a child, many currently in the foster care system or an unhoused/transitional housing environment. When you select a gift recipient card, you will discover just who each wish is for; 8-year-old David may wish for race cars, 12-year-old Jamie could have their eye set on new pajamas. There is a bit of magic and connection in putting a name with each gift.
Together, we can spread Merry Making far and wide.