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Five Exercises to Try the Next Time You Hit the Gym

The holiday cookies are gone, the eggnog has been consumed, and now it’s time for you to start working on your New Year’s resolution. Gone is the season of decadent indulgence. Bring on the fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for something to mix it up, or inspire you to get into gear, we’ve got you covered on five routines to try the next time you visit the gym. 

Five Exercises to Try the Next Time You Hit the GymLauren at Cobalt Apartments in Santa Clara. 

Treadmill Intervals 

An oldie, but a goodie. Spice up your normal treadmill routine by trying interval training. Intervals alternate your speed and incline throughout your workout, not only improving your overall running stamina, but increasing the calories you burn when the workout is over. Beginners, start off slow and work your way up to longer stretches of time. Ready for a challenge? This workout will have you sweating off those pecan pies in no time. 

Lauren at Hearth Apartments in Santa Clara. 

Find Your Zen in the Serenity Studio 

The start of a new year always brings some brand new stress with it. Start or end your workout with a couple minutes of meditation for reflection and relaxation. It’s just as important to exercise your mind as well as your body. Post-workout meditation will help you appreciate your hard work, and enable you to cool down with attention to your breath. Try this meditation before you reach for that protein shake. 

Five Exercises to Try the Next Time You Hit the GymLauren at Cobalt Apartments in Santa Clara. 

Free Weight Reps 

Free weights are an effective way to tone and strengthen the muscles in your arms, back, chest and shoulders – and provide some additional resistance for when you’re working on your legs. It’s critical you practice proper form, and never start with too heavy of a weight. Check out this guide to strength training, specifically designed for rookies. 

TRX Training 

TRX, or Total Body Resistance Exercise, builds strength by using your body weight and gravity as resistance. No weights needed, but you’ll still feel the burn. Master this workout and then challenge yourself further by changing the angle you hold your body for increased tension and resistance.

Five Exercises to Try the Next Time You Hit the GymLauren at Hearth Apartments in Santa Clara. 

Low Impact Strength Training 

If your knees and hips give you trouble and high intensity cardio training isn’t for you, stick to a low impact, joint-friendly workout. You can raise your heart rate and boost your metabolism to burn calories without making your knees pop for the next three days. Get inspired with these ten low-impact moves for weight loss.   

Safety First 

Above all, remember to remain safe in the gym. Before starting any brand new exercise routine, make sure to check in with your physician or health professional. Stretching, proper form, and adequate hydration are important aspects of any fitness routine. Start slow and warm up your muscles before launching into any training, and pump the breaks if you start feeling dizzy. Listen to what your body is telling you, not just the latest Kendrick album blasting through your earbuds.