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Farmhouse Décor on A Budget: 8 Easy DIY Ideas

We love the farmhouse look. Not only is it simple, but it can also easily be done without breaking the bank. It’s all about distressed paint, weathered metal, reclaimed wood, and soft colors. You only need a few touches here and there to give your home a welcoming, relaxing vibe that’s perfect for spring and summer. 

Farmhouse Decor
It's the perfect chance to roll up your sleeves and tackle a few easy DIY projects. With a little time and imagination, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of our favorites:

Age Metal in Minutes
Give just about any type of metal that weathered look with vinegar, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. This works great on galvanized metal planters. Use them to display towels or other household essentials, or fill them with artificial plants for a quick and easy display that brightens any room.

Oversized Pastel Chalkboard
Did you know you can turn any color paint into chalkboard paint just by adding grout? We didn’t! But now that we do, we are absolutely in love with this idea. Have your hardware store cut MDF board and trim to the size you want. all you have to do is paint and glue! Go big and the end result is a stunner. Use it as a beautiful focal point, background for floral displays, or as an actual spot to write lists and messages. 

Paint and Distress Mason Jars
Mason jars are a must for farmhouse decor done right. From vases to bathroom storage, they are everywhere. Add a shabby chic twist by using chalk paint (or your own mixture you just perfected above) and sandpaper. These jars are also a great little addition to hostess gifts.

Transfer Vintage Botanical Prints
Pillowcases, napkins, tea towels, you name it. This little trick makes them all look like they’ve been lovingly passed down for generations. All you need is a computer and printer, and some fusion transfer gel. You can also use this trick to add pithy sayings and favorite quotes.

Enamel Mug Organizer
This cute little piece can hold bathroom essentials, kitchen knickknacks or liven up your workspace. So the next time you see some sweet enamel mugs at a garage sale or thrift store, scoop them up!

Wooden Necklace Holder
Turn your necklaces into part of the decor with this pretty project. Use driftwood or any weathered wood as the base and an assortment of drawer pulls as the hooks. Play with combinations until you find the right style for you and voila - a completely personalized jewelry display.

Paint Stick Basket
All you need are paint stir sticks from any hardware store, a dowel, stain or paint, and a staple gun. Use these sweet little baskets as centerpieces or nail them right to the wall for farmhouse chic shelving.

Pitcher Makeover
Here’s an ingenious solution for those of us who don’t have the time or cash to search through antique stores for a genuine farmhouse-style pitcher. Simply pick up a pitcher that’s the right shape (the uglier the pattern, the cheaper!) at any thrift store and use a lacquer paint to give it that old-timey shine. Placed on a shelf or as a centerpiece with fresh flowers, it instantly adds farmhouse flair to the whole room.

There are so many projects out there, we could go on and on. Hopefully, these will get you started and inspire some ideas of your own. Let us know what you come up with and share with us @prometheus_apartments