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Fall Apartment Décor Tips: Unique Pumpkin Ideas

It’s no wonder that pumpkins are an ever-present fall motif. They’ve grown in North America for more than 5,000 years. You’ll see more pumpkins pop up the closer you get to Halloween, but don’t let that one holiday stop you from enjoying a pumpkin’s appeal even longer. Bring these versatile and colorful gourds into your life all season with these ideas.
Fall Apartment Décor Tips: Unique Pumpkin Ideas

Put the pun in punkins: These punny pumpkins may be high on the cheese factor, but you’ve got to admit they’re good for a chuckle. You can paint and peel on these simple messages, then when Halloween is over, simply turn them around. You’ll need tattoo paper, but Studiodiy makes it easy with printables you can download.
Classic copper and white: Copper is a warm fall color, and it looks great against a white pumpkin. Copper tape is a fun way to bring more of this seasonal shade into your home this season. You could also try this herringbone pattern. All you need is a white mini gourd and copper paint pen. Well, and a steady hand.

Pumpkin succulents: Pumpkins get new life all fall with a crown of adorable succulents on top. Starting with a white or pale orange pumpkin base, you can make these succulent pumpkins in infinite shapes and sizes. You don’t even have to cut the top. They make great hostess gifts or a centerpiece for your table or entryway.

Bring some bling: Pumpkins can add magic to the whole fall season with a little glitter. Try this easy tutorial to adorn your pumpkin with sequins. If you’re going to go bling, go big. Try a little (or a lot of) glitter. Whether you dip it a little or dunk it all, your pumpkin will shine with a coating of glue and a sprinkle of sparkle.

Colorize it: Nobody ever said pumpkins had to be orange, white or even gilded or gold. Classic fall colors are fine, but try something unexpected and paint your little gourds some crazy bold colors. Hot pink, teal green and sassy yellow are warm tones, too and could be fun to bring to your fall mix.

Stack them up: Never underestimate the strong statement you can make with a tall vase full of mini pumpkins. Add some long twigs, and that’s a bona fide arrangement you can enjoy through Thanksgiving.

Skip the knife: If you want your gourds to go the distance, don’t slice them. If you do cut into one, just know you’ll have a few days before you’ll need to pitch it. Set yourself up for success and coat the cut part with a layer of petroleum jelly or spray with a solution of bleach and water to keep it hydrated and mold-free.